17-04-2017 11:21:39

DESPENSA 1893 bases its name on a wonderful cookbook written by hand by Mercedes de Vargas Clark. The text came into the hands of Marcela Gaete, owner of the store, inherited from her great-grandmother. It was a book laden with yellow leaves and words in perfect calligraphy of the 1800, in whose first page I saw written "Mercedes de Vargas Clark, March 24 of 1893" ... It was the inspiration of Marcela to create Despensa 1893, a tribute to its mother , His grandmother and his great-grandmother; Four generations united by the love of cooking.

But beyond this romantic idea, like any business, the store had to have a business concept that would make a recognizable difference for potential customers. Therefore, Marcela decided that DESPENSA 1893 should base its strategy on the creation of gourmet experiences to give and delight with flavor, aroma and native landscape of Chile.

As he explains, "His management has focused on creativity and innovation by designing gourmet products and gifts that make coexisting craftsmanship, gourmet artisanal production and the narrative of the gourmet moment. These gourmet moments are stored in boxes and envelopes to give value and form to the gift or experience, under concepts such as the aperitif, tea time, tabletop, gourmet, etc. "

Marcela Gaete deeply believes that the value of DESPENSA 1893 is in the value added of the products that the store sells. "While we sell a set of gourmet products, we also have crafts, objects for the table ... but what we really seek is that you take an experience around the time of the table. An experience for the aperitif, for the dessert, for tea time ... an experience for the chef, the gourmet. Then, we gather flavors that are of native origin of Chile, we put a narrative that is linked to the origin of the product and how to use it, what are the pairings that you can do with it, etc. "

And it seems that the idea that Marcela has developed has its audience. She explains that DES-PENSA 1893 targets people on the one hand "in what has to do with buying co-sas for you, to enjoy it with a knowledge and information far beyond what you are buying ... as taste , Give you a taste, give yourself ... and on the other hand, the companies, which today are in tune with the idea of giving experiences to their customers. "

Beyond that, today the gourmet market is widely developed in our country. Marcela believes: "There is much more knowledge of flavor ... people 6, 7 years ago did not leave the species ... pepper, merkén and one more. Today people seek different salts, look for different acetos, different oils. The same with meringues or pasta. People are looking for a surprise with a different appetizer, with cheeses, with wines and author beers, which have become super fashionable. And beyond looking for entertaining things, people seek to know more, there is such a need to nourish themselves and to culture themselves 'gourmet' to put it one way. "

It is what finally offers BREAKFAST 1893. A range of possibilities for all those who come to the Barrio Italia to look for more and better gourmet products. Products with stories so ingrained as the one that motivated Marcela Gaete to start this business, following the tradition of her great-grandmother, Mercedes de Vargas Clark, lover of the good co-cina.

You can contact or visit DESPENSA 1893 in Av. Italia # 1634, local 2, BARRIO ITALIA.