How to get to Barrio Italia

In Santiago, the most common means of public transportation are:

  • Transantiago (buses)
  • Metropolitan Train of Santiago (underground)
  • Taxis (rental vehicles)
  • Collectives (black, similar to taxis, but more passengers go up and have a pre-established route)

The Barrio Italia is located in the southern part of the Providencia commune, bordering the Ñuñoa commune. The main arteries that surround it are Avenida Salvador by the East, Avenida Bustamante by the West, Avenida Bilbao by the North and Avenida Irarrazaval by the South.

To get to the neighborhood there are several ways:

  • Santa Isabel Station of the Metropolitan Train of Santiago, corresponding to Line 5 / Green color (it is located in Avenida Santa Isabel with Avenida Bustamante).
  • Salvador Station of the Metropolitan Train of Santiago, corresponding to the Line 1 / red color (it is located in Providencia Avenue with Avenida Salvador).
  • Buses of the Transantiago that transit through Avenida Providencia (Get off at Avenida Salvador stop and walk south).
  • Buses of the Transantiago that transit by Avenue Salvador (Lower in whereabouts of Santa Isabel Avenue and walk towards the West).
  • Buses of the Transantiago that transit through Avenida Bilbao (Get off at Avenida Salvador and walk towards the North).
  • Bus lines that pass through Avenida Providencia, Avenida Bilbao, Avenida Salvador, Avenida Irarrazaval and Avenida Bustamante.


The Metropolitan Train of Santiago de Chile is one of the most modern means of transportation in Latin America. It has 5 lines that cover much of the city and is currently expanding to new sectors, is a fast and safe service and its lines are easy to identify by colors:

  • Line 1 (Red)
  • Line 2 (Yellow)
  • Line 4 (Blue)
  • Line 4A (Light Blue)
  • Line 5 (Green)

There are different central stations where you can make combinations with other lines, which are:

  • Baquedado Station
  • Los Héroes Station
  • Santa Ana Station
  • Tobalaba Station
  • Vicuña Mackenna Station
  • Vicente Valdés Station
  • La Cisterna Station

The means of payment of this transport can be through the Bip Card or buying a ticket in the ticket offices of the Metro. The price will depend on the time of the trip:

  • Punta Hours (07:00 a 09:00; 18:00 a 20:00)
  • Valle Time (06:30 a 07:00; 09:00 a 18:00; 20:00 a 20:45)
  • Low Time (06:00 a 06:30; 20:45 a 23:00)

Map of the neighborhood